New Residents Appreciate Renovated Apartments in Saint John’s Uptown Neighborhood

Someone who moves to Saint John, New Brunswick, for a job or to simply make a fresh start may quickly begin searching for an apartment to rent. This individual may have investigated options online before making the move, which is a wise idea. If he or she loves urban life and wants to move to a vibrant neighborhood with historic charm, the Uptown area may be ideal. When it comes to Apartments Saint John newcomers who are interested in this type of neighborhood will find some intriguing possibilities. Older buildings that have been renovated by a company such as Historica but retain their traditional character and beauty may be especially appealing.

This new resident probably knows a little something about Saint John already or would not have made the move. Perhaps this was a place to vacation or go shopping, or perhaps nearly all the personal research was done online. While considering the Uptown area for a future place of residence, this individual may want to frequent some of the shops, the dining establishments and the cultural attractions. Staying at one of the hotels in the area makes it easy to settle in and check out the neighborhood at one’s leisure. Views of the waterfront can be seen from many of the buildings here.

Eventually this new resident may be able to get an apartment with a view of the St. John River if that is desirable. On the other side of the neighborhood is Kings Square, a lovely park with abundant trees and flowers, along with many benches on which to sit. Statues and a bandstand are landmarks appreciated by tourists and local residents alike. As with the rest of the Uptown area and much of Saint John, the historic aspects stand out and give this city a sense of uniqueness. It’s the oldest incorporated city in the entire country, so some of the oldest features remain today, and can be viewed and experienced. Tourists also love seeing the glacier-created natural features, including the Bay of Fundy. Taking up residence here will soon feel like one of the best decisions this person has ever made.

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