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Villas in Marrakech

Both domestic and foreign tourists are holiday guests in Marrakech. This because it has great historical sites, museums and great weather for taking vacation. The large number of holidays guests in Marrakech has great a demand for temporary housing such as luxury villas. Marrakech holidays guest have shown to rent villas more than hotels, this can be due to villas looks more like a home and there is much desired privacy. Villas are therefore developed targeting the tourism market. The villas rentals and selling business is very profitable In Marrakech. Recent trends in Marrakesh villa industry is the upcoming of firms that assist tourist to find the best villa for them. The tourist agency usually provides the following details to assist tourist make decision on the villa to rent.

The number of bedrooms and bed in a given room. Knowing the exact number of rooms is essential especially if the villa is to be occupied by more than one person during that holiday period. Villas with many bedrooms will charge more. To cut cost for the tourist some villas will have bedrooms with more than one bed.

Luxury villas are trying to become more attractive by adding various amenities which the tourist will have to pay for. Villas are including the following amenities.

Developing of pools. This has become a selling point used by the Marrakech luxury villas owners and management. Marrakech hot weather makes swimming an enjoyable recreational activity for the tourists. Hence a villa with a pool becomes a great tourist attraction.

Some luxury villas are setting aside rooms and equipping them with huge TV screens and sound systems for watching videos by the villa occupants. Holiday guest get to watch movies and other videos without leaving the villas. The villa management may organize for the guests to view local videos. Tourists are usually interested in finding out the Marrakesh traditions and customs.

The kitchen layout is also a feature used to different features. Luxury home owners usually make the kitchen layout more common to foreign tourist home kitchens. This involves constructing a semi interior kitchen wall. Hence the conversation will continue even when one person leaves the living room for the kitchen. Also the villa kitchen have wide windows to allow the sunlight to get in and viewing the surrounding.

Some villas also will have villa staff as part of the villa rental agreement. The work of the villa employees is ensuring the premises are tidy. They will therefore clean the different rooms in the villa and may also do clothes laundering for the villa guests.

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